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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

  • We produce in a sustainable manner caring for the planet

  • We operate in Europe, Africa and United States

  • Cement, concrete, aggregate, mortar and recycling

  • The architectural challenges are built with us

  • We’re leaders in our markets

  • Specific cements and experienced teams

  • From the seashore we arrive where is needed

  • Committed to quality and the environment

  • We make It happen

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  1. Production center

Production Center

Tiebas II

All the Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group plants can mix concrete and mortar to specification.

  • Company: Canteras de Alaiz S.A.
  • Rated production: 120.
  • Type of plant: Batcher/Mixer. 


Location map production center

Urraún Location s/n - 31398 Tiebas Navarra España

Phone: 948360370

Fax: 948360571

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