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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

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Production Center


Ullá is a limestone quarry located in the Montrí limestone massif. In the past, the stone was used mainly for making lime; however, because of its characteristics and current market needs, it is now used almost entirely to produce sand for mortar.

The quarry face has a dump for spoils. This is being gradually filled in with construction waste with a view to restoring approximately the original terrain profile and landscaping to reduce the final visual and environmental impact.

More information: Waste collection services.

Productos catalogue

  • UNE-EN 12620. Aggregate for concrete (Grade: 0/4; 4/10; 10/20).
  • UNE-EN 13139. Aggregate for mortar (Grade: 0-2).

Production capacity

70 tm/h.

CE Marks 1170/CPD/AR.111.02

ProductsApplications*Sand Equival.Methylene BlueFlakiness IndexLos ÁngelesChloridesTotal SulphurSoluble SulfatsWater absortion
Sand 0/2       ≥ 60 ≤ 1,5 < 0,03 ≤ 0,23 ≤ 0,20 0,10
Sand 0/4       ≥ 60 ≤ 4,7 0,10
Little gravel 4/10       FL20 LA30 2,80
Gravel 10/20       2,80
River Sand 0/3 No technical specifications
River Sand 0/4
Ungraded loose rock.
Reject R-20
Sand (Big-bag)
Mix (Big-bag)

MO. Mortar UNE-EN 13139
MB. Bituminous Mixages UNE-EN 13043

HO. Concrete UNE-EN 12620
CG. Granulars layers UNE-EN 13242


Location map production center

Despoblado, s/n. Ullà, 17140. Gerona España

Phone: 972760800

Fax: 972760743

CE 1170/CPD/AR.111.02 
  • UNE-EN 12620
  • UNE-EN 13139


From Girona: On the AP-7, take exit 5 heading towards L'Escala on the GI-623.

Continue towards Bellcaire and take the old Ullà road. The plant is on the left.

Images gallery

  • Planta de Ullá
  • Planta de Ullá
  • Planta de Ullá
  • Planta de Ullá
  • Planta de Ullá
  • Planta de Ullá

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