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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

  • We produce in a sustainable manner caring for the planet

  • We operate in Europe, Africa and United States

  • Cement, concrete, aggregate, mortar and recycling

  • The architectural challenges are built with us

  • We’re leaders in our markets

  • Specific cements and experienced teams

  • From the seashore we arrive where is needed

  • Committed to quality and the environment

  • We make It happen

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  1. Production center

Production Center

Thomaston Terminal (CDN-Dragon Products)

The Thomaston terminal is equipped to load:

  • Bulk, by truck or rail.
  • Bagged, by truck.

This is Dragon's distribution centre, from which it controls its fleet of company-owned trucks and trains to organise cement shipments to customers.

Markets: Maine and New Hampshire


Cement Type I

Fulfils ASTM C-91 specifications and is suitable for general construction (pavements, buildings, bridges, etc.).

Manufactured at: All plants.

Cement Type II

Fulfils ASTM C-150 specifications and is suitable for voluminous structures such as drainage systems, dykes, slabs, foundations and piers.

Manufactured at: All plants.


Cement Type III

Fulfils ASTM C-150 specifications and is suitable for construction at low temperature. Used for early high strengths.

Manufactured at: All plants.

Dragon Blend Mortar Mix

A pre-portioned blend of Dragon's Type S Portland Cement and hydrated lime. It is produced in Type S strength level to comply with ASTM specification C-150 Portland cement and ASTM C-207 for hydrated lime.

This is an excellent product for masonry work with brick, block, and stone

Manufactured at: Thomaston (CDN-Dragon Products).

Type S Masonry  Cement

Cumple con las especificaciones ASTM C-91, y está indicado indicado para paredes sometidas a esfuerzos, como pilares, cimientos en contacto directo con rellenos o suelo, etc.

Fabricado en:

  • Bath (Keystone Cement Company).
  • Harleyville (Giant Cement Company).
  • Thomaston (CDN-Dragon Products).
Light and dark masonry cement

Dragon's Light and Dark Masonry Cements are produced in Type N strength level to comply with ASTM specification C-91, and Federal specification SS-C-181.

Dragon's Light Masonry is produced in a light gray color while the Dark Masonry is used where a charcoal gray color is preferred.

Both products are recommended for masonry work with brick, block and stone.

Manufactured at: Thomaston Terminal (CDN-Dragon Products).

Agricultural limesto

Pulverized magnesium dolomitic limestone provides a quick pH change for lawns and gardens (drop spreader should be used.)


  • Limestone aids fertilizers and herbicides by maintaining a proper pH level.
  • Limestone reduces the solubility and activity of elements toxic to plants.
  • Limestone improves soil conditions for micro-organisms which aerate topsoil.

Manufactured at: Thomaston (CDN-Dragon Products).


Location map production center

Route 1, Thomaston, ME 04861 Estados Unidos

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