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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

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Production Center


The Olèrdola quarry contains carbonated rock and is part of the Garraf Massif in the Olèrdola municipality.

The rock's characteristics (Los Angeles Coefficient of less than 30% and a Sand Equivalent of over 65%) provide aggregate that can be used in concrete, mortar and gravel for public works.

The quarry has a single deposit of inert construction waste which is used to refill the quarry to approximately pre-existing levels. At the same time as it provides an important service to the region, it is also reducing its environmental impact.

More information: Waste collection services.

Product catalogue

  • UNE-EN 12620. Aggregate for concrete (Grade: 0/2; 0/4; 4/8; 6/12; 11/22)
  • UNE-EN 13139. Aggregate for mortar (Grade: 0/2).

Production capacity

500 tonnes/hour.

CE mark 1170/CPD/AR.111.05

ProductApplications*Sand equiv.Methylene blueFlakiness indexLos ÁngelesChloridesTotal sulphurSoluble sulphatesWater absorption
Sand 0/2       ≥ 50 ≤ 0,5 0,00 ≤ 1,00 ≤ 0,80 ≤ 2
Sand 0/2       ≥ 60 ≤ 0,5 ≤ 2
Sand 0/4       ≥ 70 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 2
Fine gravel 4-8         FL15 LA30 ≤ 2
Gravel 6-12       ≤ 2
Fine gravel 11-22       ≤ 2
Graded crushed aggregate No technical specifications
Loose rock
Rubble 40-80
Quarry core
Rubble 150-350
Reject R-20
Fine gravel 4-6

MO. Mortar UNE-EN 13139
MB. Bituminous mixtures UNE-EN 13043

HO. Concrete UNE-EN 12620
CG. Granular layers UNE-EN 13242


Location map production center

Road Vilanova to Igualada C-15, Km. 10,6. Olèrdola 08734. Barcelona España

Phone: 938902588

Fax: 938902588

CE 1170/CPD/AR.111.05
  • UNE-EN 12620
  • UNE-EN 13139


From Barcelona: Take the AP-7 (Barcelona-Tarragona). Take exit 29 heading to Vilanova i la Geltrú and Sitges on the C-15.

Continue on that road, heading towards Vilanova, and at the service station (km 11.2) take the turnoff to Viladellops. This will lead you to the plant.

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  • Olèrdola plant
  • Olèrdola plant
  • Olèrdola plant
  • Olèrdola plant
  • Olèrdola plant

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