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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

  • We produce in a sustainable manner caring for the planet

  • We operate in Europe, Africa and United States

  • Cement, concrete, aggregate, mortar and recycling

  • The architectural challenges are built with us

  • We’re leaders in our markets

  • Specific cements and experienced teams

  • From the seashore we arrive where is needed

  • Committed to quality and the environment

  • We make It happen

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Regulations & Quality

Our commitment to quality extends to all our manufacturing lines, end products and delivery agreements, in clear orientation toward customer satisfaction and environmental friendliness.

That’s why all the business divisions of the CEMENTOS PORTLAND VALDERRIVAS Group (Cement, Concrete, Aggregate and Mortar) are backed up by AENOR certification attesting that our quality management and environmental management systems are compliant with UNE-EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

Our cement is made under voluntary N Mark product quality certification, as you can see on our packaging and delivery notes. Every kind of cement we make has the CE marking, and all our factories hold recognition for environmental management from EMAS plus the OHSAS certificate proving that our factories score the legal maximum in health and safety matters.

Our cement comes with a technical information sheet and a safety information sheet, which give product performance information and conditions for use and handling. For the best occupational safety and hygiene conditions in actual use on site, the safety information is included on all delivery notes and packaging, in easy reach of customers and possible users of the product.

In short, the GCPV Group puts the greatest quality control and care a manufacturer can give into all its products. The voluntary quality marks we have earned from AENOR show that our products have voluntarily exceeded the minimum levels set by the legislation prevailing in Spain (the CE marking). To boost the prestige and quality of the products that the CPV Group exports, several of the kinds of cement we make are certified by international voluntary quality organizations as well, such as BSI and AFNOR.

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