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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

  • We produce in a sustainable manner caring for the planet

  • We operate in Europe, Africa and United States

  • Cement, concrete, aggregate, mortar and recycling

  • The architectural challenges are built with us

  • We’re leaders in our markets

  • Specific cements and experienced teams

  • From the seashore we arrive where is needed

  • Committed to quality and the environment

  • We make It happen



The Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group has an integration strategy that it applies in all the markets where it does business. Accordingly, the Group also operates in the Tunisian concrete market, through Select Béton, one of Tunisia’s biggest concrete manufacturers and the owner of four concrete plants.
These plants are equipped with the most modern systems and automation. Select Béton has portable batching plants ready to do their part in any major project that requires on-site concrete manufacturing.The Tunisian concrete market is a constantly expanding market with a great tradition of making things by hand, but every year it is becoming more and more modern and automated.The main objective of Select Béton is to make itself a name as the company that sets the standards in quality and service. That is why it is one of the very few Tunisian concrete manufacturing firms that holds all three quality certificates available in Tunisia:  NT (product) certification, ISO 9000 (production system) certification and BVQi (procedure) certification. Select Béton has the technical and human resources it takes.

Quality certificates

Logo TunicertLogo Select BetonLogo BVQiLogo Tunisian Standars 

Head office

Registered offices

SELECT BETON ,1, r. S. Ben Hamida 1004
Bouficha Túnez


Mass concrete, reinforced concrete, lightweight concrete, special types of concrete with different strengths and characteristics (N/mm2 between 20 and 50) according to the requirements set by Tunisian standards.

We have the technical capability to formulate any and all specific types of concrete the market demands.


The different types of concrete we make are used to build the structural components of private building projects and government works projects. Foundations.

  • Foundations
  • Pillar
  • Building frameworks.
  • Slabs
  • Ginders
  • Walls
  • Other important components.
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Head office Bouficha

SELECT BETON ,1, r. S. Ben Hamida 1004
Bouficha Túnez

Centrale Sousse

Zone industrielle Sidi Abdelhamid, 4000 Sousse
Phone: +215 73 322 760
Fax: +216 73 322 52 760
Email: commercial@gcpv.com

Centrale Ben Arous

Sortie AutoRoute Sud, Km, 4
2074 - Tunis
Phone: +216 71 484 389
Fax: +216 71 399 791


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