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  1. Mortar - Bagged - Tips and recommendations

Mortar - Bagged - Tips and recommendations

Tips and applications: Bricklaying

Recomendations for use

Mixing mortar

Use the proportion of water recommended in the technical specifications and mix to obtain a smooth, consistent paste. Use the mortar soon after mixing (within at most 90 minutes) since it starts setting once it enters into contact with water.

If the mortar has started to set, don't try to freshen it up by adding water as this will reduce its strength and durability.

Wetting the substrate and tiles

Before applying mortar, check that the substrate is not excessively absorbent, as it may draw water out of the mortar and impair its properties.

Therefore, it is recommendable to wet the substrate and tiles before applying mortar, particularly when ambient temperatures are high.

Working time

Lay the tiles soon after spreading the mortar; the longer you wait, the poorer the adhesion.

How to lay tiles

Tiles should be pressed firmly into place. This drives the mortar into the pores in the tile and creates "micro-bonds". The pressure also ensures that the mortar is in contact with the entire surface of the tile. Once the tiles have been levelled and aligned, do not move them again.

Do not work at temperatures under 5ºC, since the mortar may not set, or above 30ºC or in strong winds, since the water in the mortar may evaporate before it has fully set. In hot or windy weather or where the substrate is highly absorbent, it is recommendable to wet the substrate and tiles before applying and to sprinkle with water the following day.

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