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  1. Bagged mortar - Products and recommendations - Cement-based adhesive - Tips and applications

Bagged mortar - Products and recommendations - Cement-based adhesive - Tips and applications

Tips and applications: Cement-based adhesive

Recommendations for use

When applying adhesive cement, you should consider the three components involved: the substrate, the tile, and the adhesive cement.


The substrate must be sound, dry and clean (without dust, surface grout, paint, form release agents, etc.). If the cement is to be applied in a thin layer, check that the substrate is flat. It is recommendable to use a 2-metre rule to check that the surface is level to within 5 mm. If the substrate is uneven, apply a layer of morter to attain a level surface, or use a thick layer of adhesive cement.

Ensure compatability between adhesive and substrate, since the right product varies depending on the substrate: mortar, plaster, old tiling, ... (see table on choosing the right product).

Ceramic tile

The tile must be free of dust and dirt. Check compatibility between the tile and the adhesive cement, depending on the tile's size, weight and absorbency. (See table on choosing the right product).

Using adhesive cement

Mix with the amount of water recommended in the datasheet. It is important to respect the product's shelf life (expiry date on package) and open time (time between spreading the cement and laying the tile).

Before laying the tile, check that no surface film has formed on the cement. If a film has formed, re-trowel.

The adhesive cement should cover the entire surface of the tile (not just spots). Lay the tile and press firmly to flatten the grooves in the cement. Respect structural, perimeter and grouting joints. In outdoor applications, joints should be wider to allow for greater dilation. Do not use the product at an ambient temperature below 5ºC or above 35ºC.

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  • Using adhesive cement

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