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  1. Mortar - Bagged - Tips and applications

Mortar - Bagged - Tips and applications

Tips and applications: Pavement

Recommendations for use

When applying self-levelling mortars, it's important to take account of the substrate, layer thickness and overlayer.

  • The substrate must be strong, clean and stable. There should not be any residues of gypsum, paint, waterproof coatings, etc.
  • Respect structural joints, and install expansion and perimeter joints.

Also, when applying self-levelling mortar in thick screeding courses, it is recommendable to:

  • Place polyurethane foam sheet along skirting boards, pillars and/or any structural element in order to absorb any expansion and contraction.
  • Lay plastic or Kraft paper sheets over the entire surface of the substrate, and join them with adhesive tape or heat.

When applying self-levelling mortar in thin courses, it is recommendable that:

  • The substrate must be flat; any holes or uneven areas must be filled.
  • In the case of non-porous substrates, apply a primer or roughen mechanically.

Before beginning the application, measure the final level of the floor grout to determine the depth of the course. Pour the product on the floor and spread it with a float, spatula or similar tool to obtained the desired level and cover the desired area. When applying thick layers, stir vertically to eliminate air bubbles.

Leave to dry for 24 hours before walking, and wait 7 days before placing loads on the surface. Do not use if there is a risk of rain or frost. Work at temperatures between 5ºC and 35ºC.

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