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Grupo Cementos Portland ValderrivasGrupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas

  • We produce in a sustainable manner caring for the planet

  • We operate in Europe, Africa and United States

  • Cement, concrete, aggregate, mortar and recycling

  • The architectural challenges are built with us

  • We’re leaders in our markets

  • Specific cements and experienced teams

  • From the seashore we arrive where is needed

  • Committed to quality and the environment

  • We make It happen

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  1. R&D and innovation labds

R&D and innovation labds

Cementos Portland Valderrivas is committed to innovation, process optimisation, and the development of high-performance products with a view to reducing both natural resource use and CO2 emissions while also contributing to improvements in construction and living standards, and meeting the demands of our customers.

Research to provide technical support to all of the Group's business areas and lines is performed at its two main laboratories, in Olazagutía and Alcalá de Guadaíra.

Industrial trials are performed in select cement, concrete and mortar plants. Occasionally, trials may also be performed at the plants under supervision by experts from the RDI department.

The market increasingly requires labs to provide on-site services in optimal conditions, either due to project requirements or to expedite obtainment of results and provide better service to the customer. As a result, the Group has designed and acquired a Mobile laboratory.


The Olazagutía lab, operational since 1999, has been the site of over 500 research studies and trials, both internally (providing support to all of the Group's business lines) and externally (ensuring technical assistance and problem resolution for our customers).

Our professionals' extensive experience and technical know-how, together with the application and systematisation of results obtained from the trials, have enabled us to optimise our processes and products.

The Olazagutía lab serves the Group's main lines of work and research and is also involved in new product development, providing support for RDI Quality Management Systems and the implementation of new oversight methods, participation in new projects and patents, and analysis of new reusable materials to significantly reduce emissions.

The lab's modern equipment, which allows all kinds of physical and chemical trials and analyses to be performed, includes: :

  • Electronic microscope.
  • X-ray diffractometer.
  • X-ray flourescence spectrometer.
  • Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, ECD, FID.
  • Induction coupled plasma (ICP)..
  • Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
  • Ultraviolet spectroscopy.
  • Mercury analyser.
  • Analizador de Mercurio.
  • AOX, EOX.
  • The lab also undertakes other analysis techniques, including traditional wet methods and physical and mechanical trials, plus industrial-scale simulations.

Alcalá de Guadaira

Laboratorio móvilCementos Portland Valderrivas' lab in Alcalá de Guadaíra is similar to the one in Olazagutía but caters more to projects with concrete, mortar and their components and is more focused on serving customers and Group subsidiaries.

The lab has two areas which operate in line with the Quality Management Systems; it has two accreditations:

  • Testing Laboratory, granted by the Andalucía Regional Government (concrete and its components accreditation, published in the Official Bulletin of the Andalusian Autonomous Government on 27/12/04).
  • Calibration Laboratory, granted by ENAC (accreditation in strength testing).

Mobile Lab

Laboratorio móvilThis laboratory has the necessary equipment for operations in the field and, with the support of the permanent laboratories, is able to satisfy any needs arising in our market.

Its principal objective is to provide technical support for technological projects and applications and for the permanent labs. This includes:

  • Support for the implementation of new products developed by Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group.
  • Concrete for compacted concrete dams.
  • Fast-setting concrete.
  • Studies on applications using new products.
  • Studies on the durability of certain cements and their applications.
  • Research into the deterioration of structures.
  • Test slabs.
  • Supplementary oversight of works and other labs.
  • Optimisation of concrete (proportions, granulometry studies, etc.)
  • Research in cooperation with universities, other companies, etc.

More information: Cement Services.

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